music + lifestyle photographer.


Christina Chi Craig is a Photographer/ Visual Artist.

When a picture comes together, in that moment, be it right side up or upside down, her life makes sense. She praises music & lifestyle photography and sometimes works with video, always interested in the deceptively commonplace. With each moment captured and every portrait made her objective never waivers: to seek adventure and electrify the mundane. Christina is drawn to subject matter that closely relates to her daily life through a dual affinity for nature and the city, and as a person of mixed ethnicity her work is occupied by themes of hybridity and the every day process of discovering one’s identity. Ultimately, her work seeks to connect and to be connected. She works freelance- always working and always looking for more.

Christina currently resides in the suburbs of Southern California where in addition to photography she enjoys exploring the outdoors, a good read, and the urban farm life with her three pet chickens. 

*I look forward to making a picture that creatively captures your vision!

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